I saw Gina for RTT hypnosis a few months ago to work on low confidence and self-esteem. I had suffered from cancer and also went through a divorce which had really knocked my self confidence. Since working with Gina I have made some really positive changes in my life and have no fear any longer in what lies ahead for me as I know how to deal with what comes in a more balanced and confident way. I still often listen to my recording which gives me a boost.

Inkca Dupont

I started working with Gina about 6 weeks ago due to my fear of public speaking. I’ve struggled with this fear for over 10 years. I had no idea where this fear came from, but I knew it was keeping me back from living my fullest life and living to my fullest potential. After speaking with Gina, I felt like she understood exactly what I was feeling and what I wanted to accomplish. She even shared her personal struggle with public speaking which made me feel very comfortable with her. After one session of hypno-therapy, we found the root cause of my fear which blew my mind, and we were able to break that barrier to start moving forward. She provided me with a personalized recording, which I listened to for a month before our follow up session. I can honestly say, I have felt a change in my confidence. I have already spoken at two public engagements successfully, and I couldn’t have done this without Gina’s help.

Elaine A.


My good friend, Gina Hemmings, has been practicing in the field of health and wellness for over 20 years, more specifically she has become an expert in the field of hypnotherapy. Having met through a mutual friend, I came to see her shining passion for hypnotherapy and heard all about the incredible impact it had for many of her clients, so I decided it might be just what I needed, too! (And no, it’s not about being tranced into doing embarrassing actions like clucking like a chicken… much to my relief!)
Obviously, my intuition was right on target, because I have been a client of Gina’s for almost two years now!
Today I want to share her exceptional practice with you, because with her help, I have become a manifesting magnet once I learned how to recognize and release my subconscious blocks that were holding me back. No matter where you are right now in your personal or professional goals, Gina Hemmings is your go-to girl for massive breakthroughs!
After interviewing Gina, here are some key takeaways that you should know about hypnotherapy and its healing powers.
1. Hypnotherapy is for everyone. Since we operate 95% of our lives from the subconscious mind, it’s so important that we get really clear about what’s going on in there. The subconscious mind holds all of our experiences and perceptions, yet our “thinking mind” masks over this on a daily basis, keeping us completely unaware of why we act the way we do. Every single person’s mind functions like this (yes, even J.Lo’s!) making hypnotherapy a great resource for everyone.
2. Interacting with our dream state. Many think that hypnotherapy and meditation are similar. While both are extremely powerful in how they mold our minds, they do have very distinguishable differences. The main difference is that meditation is a practice to detach from our thoughts. To observe them without judgment, to better control our reactions, and let thoughts flow. Hypnotherapy, on the other hand, is about being more involved with our thoughts. Being in a dream-like-trance, we can interact and access our hidden memories and shift them. Hypnotherapy gets very specific about which thoughts we need to pay attention to.
3. From masked confidence to manifesting machine. Hypnotherapy anchors into the deep-seated thoughts we don’t even know exist, making it the most unique type of therapy. We allow the egotistical, thinking mind to take a back seat while the subconscious mind reveals its deepest suppressed memories. Each session works out one of your hidden memories. Once the block is recognized, a repetitive script is then tailored specifically for that block and replaces it with a new, empowering belief.
This revelation, release, and repetition allows you to better manifest your desires with ease. If you are ready to release your toxic thought patterns, manifest your desires, and take control of your mindset, get in touch with my girl Gina today!
Gina Devee

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Gina this past November. She and I spoke a handful of times to assess whether I would be a good candidate for a hypnotherapy session with her.  From the very beginning of the first call, she exuded true compassion and concern for my well being, while answering every last question I had about the process, what to expect, post-session work, etc. When it came time for the actual session, which we did over Skype, Gina held the safest possible space for me while guiding me through every step of the journey into my subconscious.  Her tranquil and loving approach injected empathy, security and authenticity into every moment of the session. Two days after our session, she sent me a personalized recording integrating concepts from our session with her unique meditative insights.  This recording has been part of my nightly meditation ritual for the past 5 months, allowing me to continuously peel away layers of self-limiting beliefs and actions.

If you are looking to dig into your own psyche and begin addressing whatever is holding you back, I highly recommend a session with Gina.

Mike A.

I had the biggest blessing when I did a class with Gina, as I walked away feeling like a new person. This lead me to do a private session, and it was life-changing. I’ve never slept so well and woke so refreshed. I listen to my recording every night (which she personalizes for you) and sleep the entire night. I had suffered from night terrors for years, and they have vanished.

Thank you Gina!!! If you’re looking for some peace of mind look no further!!!!


Shyra Deland

I want to thank you so much for helping me overcome years of struggling with anxiety. Your work is so profound and deep. It was the most unique and life-changing experience I have had. I highly recommend that others experience this powerful form of healing with you. I now finally feel free. Thank you so much. 

Actress LA – Anonymous
I am pleased to say I had a hypnotherapy session with Gina a couple of months ago and was very impressed with how calm I felt afterward. Our work together has continued to help me through depression after a 24-year marriage break-up. We investigated more deeply into different past situations that affected my ability to let go.
She made me two separate recordings and I promised to listen for 21 days in a row. I am still listening to them and it’s been a few months but I still find them helpful on a very deep level. It’s hard for me to sleep through the night and I am an insomniac, but I find I may not even listen to the whole recording now before falling asleep again. That’s a wonderful thing!
I love her depth and compassion and it touches me deeply to my core. I know I will be doing this again in the future on some other issues since it’s helped me in a different way than going to the gym or talking to a therapist.
Kit L.

I started seeing Gina for Mindrop sessions while visiting London. Gina has a wonderful energy and way of guiding you into your meditation. I was able to switch off and go deep into relaxation, this has really helped me when I practise meditation on my own. Each session left me feeling much calmer and clearer in mind and body.

Lisa Huep
Guest at Chiltern Firehouse

“I have worked with Gina on and off over the last few years to help with my fitness and well-being goals.
More recently I started having Mindrop sessions. I was new to meditation, and if i’m honest, a little sceptical. What I liked about Mindrop for me was that your’e not just sitting in a traditional meditation pose the whole time trying not to think, every few minutes you enter a different stretch or yoga pose and relax into it for your meditation.
The sessions have really helped me to relax and become more present in every day life, giving me more balance between work and family life”.

Areski Iberrakene
CEO - Areski Capital, London

“Gina worked with our polo players to help prepare them both physically and mentally before a match, using yoga, breathing and meditation techniques. This helped them enormously, and they always enjoyed the class and benefits it had on them both on and off the pitch”.

Justin Gaunt
General Manager - St Tropez Polo Club

“I had a session of RTT Hypnotherapy for a personal issue that had been affecting me for many years, after working with Gina I really was astounded at the positive effects it had on my condition. I listened to the recording every day for 21 days as recommended by Gina, as this really cements the session further.

I was also looking to bring some wellness and meditation into our office and contacted Gina to start a weekly Mindrop class. It was one of the best things I have ever done for my company!
The staff and I always looked forward to the class, and I could really tell the difference it made to everyone almost immediately afterward. There was more calm and energy around the office, which seemed to last for days after.


Deborah Lotz
Owner - Jewel Box Platinum, LA